Freedom, Not License

“[The purpose of the Second Amendment is] to secure a well-armed militia… . But a militia would be useless unless the citizens were enabled to exercise themselves in the use of warlike weapons. To preserve this privilege, and to secure to the people the ability to oppose themselves in military force against the usurpations of government, as well as against enemies from without, that government is forbidden by any law or proceeding to invade or destroy the right to keep and bear arms… . The clause is analogous to the one securing the freedom of speech and of the press. Freedom, not license, is secured; the fair use, not the libellous abuse, is protected.” — J. Pomeroy, An Introduction to the Constitutional Law of the United States 152–153 (1868.

John Wentling

John Wentling

Vice President / Policy Adviser Arizona Citizens Defense League Chairman Arizona Citizens Defense League PAC

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