2014 Endorsements/Ratings

2014 Candidate Endorsements and Ratings – Primary Election Aug 26, 2014

Due to their public statements endorsing the vetoes of several pieces of legislation that AzCDL members worked hard to get to Governor Brewer’s desk, AzCDL PAC cannot, in good conscience, recommend that the citizens of Arizona cast their votes in the Governor’s race for either Fred Duval or Scott Smith. However, based on their public statements, personal conversations, and past actions, we feel that Arizonan’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms under Article 2, Section 26 of our Constitution would be as safe with any of the other major candidates for the Governor’s office as they could possibly be in the hands of any elected official.

By Legislative District, Name and Rating

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(“+” denotes current AZCDL membership):

LD1 – Linda Gray (R) -A

LD5 – Representative Sonny Borelli (R) – A

LD5 – Senator Kelli Ward (R) – A

LD6 – Representative Brenda Barton (R) – A+

LD6 – Representative Bob Thorpe (R) – A+

LD6 – Senator Chester Crandell (R) – A+ (deceased 8/4/2014)

LD8 – Representative Frank Pratt (R) – A

LD8 – Representative T. J. Shope (R) – A

LD8 – Senator Barbara McGuire (D) – A+

LD9 – Representative Ethan Orr (R) – A

LD10 – Todd Clodfelter (R) – A+

LD11 – Representative Steve Smith (R) – A

LD11 – Mark Finchem (R) – A+

LD11 – Venden “Vince” Leach (R) – A+

LD12 – Representative Eddie Farnsworth (R) – A

LD12 – Representative Warren Petersen (R) – A

LD12 – Senator Andy Biggs (R) – A

LD13 – Representative Darin Mitchell (R) – A

LD13 – Representative Steve Montenegro (R) – A

LD13 – Senator Don Shooter (R) – A

LD14 – Representative David Gowan (R) – A+

LD14 – Representative David Stevens (R) – A+

LD14 – Senator Gail Griffin (A) – A+

LD15 – Representative John Allen (R) – A

LD15 – Senator Nancy Barto – A

LD16 – Representative Kelly Townsend (R) – A+

LD16 – Senator David Farnsworth (R) – A

LD17 – Representative J.D. Mesnard (R) – A

LD17 – Senator Steve Yarbrough (R) – A

LD19 – Sophia Johnson (R) – A(Q)+

LD20 – Representative Carl Seel (R) – A+

LD20 – Representative Paul Boyer (R) – A

LD20 – Senator Kimberly Yee (R) – A

LD21 – Representative Rick Gray (R) – A

LD21 – Representative Debbie Lesko (R) – A

LD22 – Representative David Livingston (R) – A

LD22 – Representative Phil Lovas (R) – A

LD22 – Senator Judy Burges (R) – A+

LD23 – Representative John Kavanagh (R) – A+

LD23 – Representative Michelle Ugenti (R) – A

LD25- Representative Justin Olson (R) – A

LD28 – Shawnna Bolick (R) – A(Q)

LD29 – Aaron Borders (R) – A(Q)

LD30 – Gary Cox (R) – A(Q)



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