2016 Legislative Scorecard

Arizona Citizens Defense League Political Action Committee

2016 Candidate Voting Records And PAC Ratings

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(A plus “+” denotes current, active AZCDL membership):

How AZCDL PAC assesses statewide and legislative candidates for ratings and endorsements:

  1. Sponsorship of AZCDL requested legislation.
  2. Co-sponsorship of AZCDL requested legislation.
  3. Advocacy of AZCDL requested legislation.
  4. Cooperation of sponsor in getting AZCDL requested legislation assigned, placed on agenda and passed in committee and on floor.
  5. Voting record: committee votes, floor votes, unexplained/unexcused absences during committee hearings, COW or third/final read votes.
  6. Sponsorship/co-sponsorship of pro-freedom bills supported by AZCDL.
  7. Advocacy of pro-freedom bills supported by AZCDL.
  8. Sponsorship of anti-freedom legislation.
  9. Advocacy of anti-freedom legislation.
  10. Active AZCDL membership.

All of these factors are taken into consideration when compiling legislative voting records and election ratings and endorsements.

General election endorsements will be compiled and published immediately following the final results of the Primary Election.

Ratings and/or endorsements subject to change without notice.


John Wentling

John Wentling

Vice President / Policy Adviser Arizona Citizens Defense League Chairman Arizona Citizens Defense League PAC