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The Attack Has Begun

The first salvo in the attack on your right to keep and bear arms in Arizona is a pair of bills, HB 2118 and HCR 2009, filed by Representative Randall Friese. The language in both bills is identical, however HCR 2009 is a proposed ballot measure for the next general election.

HB 2118 and HCR 2009 would criminalize the private transfer of firearms by requiring all private transfers to be conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL). Failure to do so would be a Class 5 Felony.

Under the proposed law, if you wish to sell or transfer a firearm, you would first need to surrender your firearm to an FFL who would treat the firearm as if it was an item in their inventory, entering all the information on it, and YOU, into his records. A federal background (NICS) check would be required for the transferee (buyer) to receive your firearm. If that background check failed, you as the transferor (seller) would be required to undergo a NICS background check to get YOUR gun back. If there was a problem with your background check, the dealer would be required to confiscate your firearm and surrender it to a law enforcement agency.

It’s laughable to believe that criminals typically use gun dealers to buy and sell guns. The target for this law is YOU, the law-abiding gun owner. And, in order for this proposed law to be enforceable, the obvious next step would be the establishment of a statewide database of all Arizona gun owners and the firearms they (you!) own. Don’t be fooled. The unstated goal of bills like HB 2118 and HCR 2009 is to ultimately disarm you. Rep. Friese can be contacted at (602) 926-3138 or if you would like to share your thoughts on these bills.

A list of these and other bills that AzCDL is monitoring can be found at our Bill Tracking page. It is updated daily throughout the legislative session.

In other news, ex-Mayor Bloomberg is funding the Phoenix based Dart Center to begin a disinformation campaign in Arizona. The Dart Center is conducting a two day workshop for journalists on April 17 & 18 on how to “correctly” report on guns and “gun violence.” Back in our grandparents’ days, this tactic was known as Yellow Journalism.

Bloomberg and his puppets are running a well-crafted and heavily funded campaign to ultimately disarm you using the ruse of “Expanded Background Checks.” Barring cooperation from Arizona’s pro-rights leaning Legislature, the entry point will come via Arizona’s constitutionally established “citizen initiative” process, where anyone with enough money can get any measure on the ballot subject to popular vote.

In the state of Washington last year, Bloomberg was successful in accomplishing Gun Owner Registration via ballot measure I-594. In Nevada, enough petition signatures have been obtained for a ballot measure in that state. We will soon be facing the same threat here in Arizona. Spread the word. Tell your friends. Join AzCDL. Renew your membership. Together we can win this!

John Wentling

John Wentling

Vice President / Policy Adviser Arizona Citizens Defense League Chairman Arizona Citizens Defense League PAC

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