AZCDL Action Alert February 6, 2015

Contact Your Legislators.

HB 2431 provides our best opportunity to derail the coming Bloomberg financed ballot measure to establish gun owner registration in Arizona before it happens.

The passage of HB 2431 would establish an interstate compact that restricts member states from enacting firearms transfer requirements greater than existing federal law. In essence, this would create a ceiling that state law could not exceed. Current federal law has no limitations on intrastate private party firearm transfers between law-abiding citizens.

Compacts between states supersede individual state law. An example of an interstate compact is the uniform recognition of drivers’ licenses. Assuming HB 2431 is enacted in Arizona and at least one other state becomes a party to the compact, a subsequent state law, or even a ballot measure, cannot override it.

It is time to for all of us to contact our State Senator and Representatives and ask them to support HB 2431 as it progresses though the legislative process. We cannot over emphasize how important it is to contact your legislators!

An email to your legislators has been prepared and is waiting for you at AzCDL’s Legislative Action Center. You may send it as is, or add your own comments. It only takes a few mouse clicks to make your voice heard. If you encounter any difficulties in sending your emails, please contact Fred.

The passage of HB 2431 is critical. Under Arizona’s Constitution, ballot measures are essentially unstoppable. As long as the petition signature gathering process is successful, a measure will appear on the ballot. The Legislature cannot prevent it. Once passed, a ballot measure is essentially permanent. The Legislature cannot override it. Only a subsequent ballot measure can override an existing ballot measure.

Bloomberg’s anti-rights groups are exploiting this weakness in several state constitutions. They spent over $10 Million on the passage of a ballot measure in Washington in 2014. They recently succeeded in gathering sufficient petition signatures in Nevada. As a result, they will see a gun owner registration scheme on their 2016 ballot. Following Nevada, they WILL come to Arizona. Opposition from national gun groups is tepid as best. They just cannot compete with Bloomberg’s deep pockets. It is up to US to stop this, and HB 2431 is one of the ways we can do this.

Please, send your emails to your legislators today. They are waiting for you here.


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Highlighted is this issue is the attack on our fundamental liberties via gun owner registration disguised as “universal background checks.” Arizona is the ultimate target.

This a “must read” issue. The firearm freedoms you enjoy are at risk.

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