Stand With AZCDL To Defeat Gun Confiscation In Arizona!

“Common sense” dictates that “progressive” means a gradual encroachment on our rights until their ultimate goal is realized. So-called “universal” background checks (giving your grandson your old .22, handing off your gun to your fellow hunter as you climb over a fence) are unenforceable without registration, and registration will one day lead to confiscation, especially if Hillary has her way.

Do not give them another inch of rope with which to hang us all.

Please donate to our campaign to defeat the Bloomberg 2016 firearm registration initiative, with your help and support, we can defeat them.

your donation, no matter how small, will help us fight this nefarious scheme, please donate today!




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AZCDL November 2014 Newsletter Now Available

November Newsletter Available Online

The AzCDL Newsletter for November 2014 is available for viewing and downloading.


Highlighted is this issue is the attack on our fundamental liberties via gun owner registration disguised as “universal background checks.” Arizona is the ultimate target.

This a “must read” issue. The firearm freedoms you enjoy are at risk.

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