Arizona Sec. of State Candidate Terry Goddard’s Leftist Gun Control Agenda

In his remarks to the National Association of Attorneys General on Wednesday, Vice President Biden made a powerful case for new gun safety measures. Obviously, the Vice President was deeply shaken by the unspeakable violence at Newtown, Aurora and Tucson. He is determined to move National policy to prevent similar tragedies. The killing of so many innocents has profoundly changed the debate over guns. Respect for the victims and concern for the safety of all our children demands that the political inertia that has prevented gun safety legislation for so long be broken. Biden emphasized repeatedly that each of his 8 points were in accordance with our Constitution and especially with the Second Amendment. He urged the state Attorneys General in the audience to take his case into each of their states. I believe they will.

Here are Joe Biden’s gun safety proposals, as best I can recall:
1. A much improved and more complete data base of prohibited gun possessors with background checks on every gun purchaser, with no gun show loopholes;
2. Limits on high capacity magazines;
3. A criminal penalty for purchasing a gun for “private use” and then transferring/selling it to a third party, in other words, finally getting an anti gun trafficking law;
4. More cops, at least 1,000 across the County, for school resource officers and other safety needs;
5. Ending the ban on research into gun violence, today the ATF and other government agencies cannot keep statistics on the guns involved in crimes, also research is needed on violent video games and whether there may be a relationship to Newtown and other tragic shootings;
6. A model emergency management plan for schools and businesses;
7. Training for teachers and resource officers on the warning signs of future violence; and
8. Mental health services available for children in need of help.


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